National Vegetarian Week

Celebrating National Vegetarian Week

Love National Vegetarian Week | 14TH – 20TH May 2018  National Vegetarian Week 2018 runs from 14-20 May and it’s all about eating delicious and...


What is the Macro Split?

Kendalife’s 40:30:30 Macro Split Calories may be King, but if you want more than simply weight gain or weight loss then you need to know...

Waterside House campsite, Pooley Bridge

Fuel For Food Voids

How We're Filling Your Food Voids We all know skipping a meal is unhealthy. We call them 'Food Voids'. When looking at alternatives for a...


Win A Starter Pack!

How To Enter The Kendalife Competition To enter and win a Kendalife Starter Pack, Simply 'Like' the Kendalife Competition Facebook or Twitter Post. 2 Winners...

Kendalife Mango & Passionfruit

What is a Meal Replacement?

There are hardly any formulated meal replacements currently available on the market. To be considered a meal replacement the food has to meet a certain...


Kendalife Pancakes

How to make Kendalife Pancakes! Switch up your pancake day with some Kendalife Pancakes. Ingredients 150g plain flour Salt 4 large eggs, beaten 250ml water...


What Is In Our Kendalife Blend?

The Kendalife blend is complete formula containing skimmed milk with protein, oils to deliver essential fatty acids and a range of minerals and vitamins in two...